Online crop monitoring

The weather data of your site are available online in numbers, graphs and charts. So, it does not matter where you are, all weather conditions of your fields are on the palm of your hand.

Better use of the natural resources

The irrigation amounts are only recommended to fulfill the crop water requirements, taking into consideration all parameters of soil & crop water balance, contributing directly to a rational use of irrigation water and energy.

Field Stations

Field stations are installed in the middle of each monitored field, with one rain gauge and up to four soil moisture sensors. Data collection and transmission is in real time. This way, you will be able to visualize the rainfall amount, the applied irrigation in each field and also the soil moisture variation using your smartphone. All data from your fields are updated online.

Field visits performed by well-trained irrigation agronomists

Our technical team assists the grower during the entire irrigation season, giving full support in irrigation management to growers, managers and field technicians. Field visits are scheduled in advance, indicating when (date and time) the Irriga technician will visit the field. The grower is welcome to join the field visit.

IRRIGA Global provides irrigation management and scheduling for all types of irrigation methods and systems. The decision criteria about when and how much irrigate should be applied in each irrigation application are based on several agronomic parameters of each crop; the soil properties of field; local weather data and; the irrigation system information. All these data are online processed using Irriga’s mathematical models to determine the soil water balance, combined with crop development and growth model, crop evapotranspiration and dozens of meteorological, agronomic, soil and crop factors.

Field visits

Irrigation Recommendation

Soil Physical Characterization

Online Control of the Soil Water Content

Satellite and NDVI Images

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Field Stations

The IRRIGA field station basically contains one rain gauge and several soil moisture sensors, installed in the soil profile to evaluate the entire crop root system. The soil water content and soil water potential variation are monitored online. The rain gauge measures the rainfall and the irrigation depth applied by the irrigation systems. Data collection and transmission is in real time and the data is available online using the IRRIGA mobile App.

Using the field station, we are able to have a full and effective control of the soil water balance, soil moisture variation, irrigation application and rainfall amounts. These informations are important to avoid unnecessary irrigation application (overirrigate a field) and lack of irrigation (stressed crop): minimizing the negative impact on crop yield and increasing the net margin of the crop field.

All irrigation recommendations, information, charts and data collected from the irrigated field are updated online at IRRIGA Global© website and on our APPs (App Store© and Google Play©).


The IRRIGANET platform was developed to aggregate all the connectivity of the system. In an intuitive way, it provides a comprehensive global view of the irrigated fields and the farm. A large range of digital tools are available, such as: crop yield potential analysis images, weather data, soil moisture variation charts, irrigation demands, center pivot’s operation, field reports, rainfall amounts and applied irrigation depths, irrigation fields under stress, irrigation system movement, crop development and several other technical characteristics of the irrigated field. It’s a modern and useful tool to control all irrigated fields using your smartphone.